Dear parents:

Chinese School of Delaware 2016-2017 registration is now open. Please note that we would like our parents to register as early as possible. The early registration ends on June 30th (except for new families). The reason we are asking our parents to register early is that we need registration information to determine class/grade offerings and order course materials.

Please note the following information:
1. Pre-K to 10th grade classes will meet from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm.
2. Minimum number of students required for each class is 6. If four or five students are registered for a specific class on or before July 1st, the school board will determine whether that class will be offered or combined with another class or canceled. Classes with students 3 or less will be canceled.
3. Please write ONE check payable to: Chinese School of Delaware (or CSD) for tuition and fees and CACC family membership fee ($100). Please use worksheet below for total amount calculation.
4. Each additional sibling from the same parents is entitled a $10 discount for one semester or $20 for one year. You may deduct the appropriate amount when you register.

Registration for 2016-2017 school open


Download forms and send through mail.
2016-17 Registration Worksheet
2016-17 Tuition
2016-17 Registration Form (.pdf)
2016-17 Registration Form (Excel Form)

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