Sunday (July 13th) - Tommy Lu - Philadelphia tour
Monday (July 14th) - Ivan Sun - Iron Hill and Cold Stone, UD tour
Tuesday (July 15th) - Kai Meng - Asian Grill or Olive Garden
Wednesday (July 16th) - Tim Hsu - Red Robin, Bandywine Park tour and Wilmington Waterfront
Thursday (July 17th) - Tommy Lu - Hong Kong King Buffet, bowling
Friday (July 18th) - Fangping Chen - Longwood Garden tour
Saturday (July 19th) - Tommy Lu - Baltimore tour

Host family duties:
1. pick up teachers from the hotel at 8:15 am and take them to CACC
2. pick up teachers from CACC at 4:00 pm, entertain them for the evening including dinner and then take them back to the hotel. The camp will offer you $75 to cover some expenses.

Hotel address: (just off exit 1B ramp of I-95)

Howard Johnson Inn & Suites
1119 South College Avenue
Newark, DE 19713

TEL: (302) 368-8521